Venice travel guide - Italy

A small travel guide of Venice

Venice: what to visit?

veniceVenice is a city rich in history, very romantic, very suitable for couples but not only, in Venice you cannot go only once and a few days are not enough to see everything. Its heart is Piazza San Marco where there is also the Romanesque-Byzantine basilica, one of the most beautiful Italian churches, but you cannot, however, forget to visit the famous Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), where prisoners passed by to go from the courts to the prisons.

From these jails the historical character Casanova managed to escape. The Ducal Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings in Italy. The Rialto Bridge, built in 1588, is an attraction for many tourists. Then there are the palaces of the ancient Venetian noble families, such as Cà d'oro and all the churches that this city has, revealing to be a true open-air museum.

La Serenissima is divided in two parts from the Grand Canal, the main channel, where you can admire the beauty of this city by the gondolas. Venice built entirely on the sea, spread over 118 small islands, which in turn are crossed by 150 canals, connected by bridges. Venice has been declared a World Heritage in 1979. The city attracts millions of tourists every year, a number higher than that of the population living there.

One of the major attractions is the famous Carnival of the city with beautiful costumes and masks decorated by hand. The historic centre of the city is divided into six districts: San Marco, Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Polo and Santa Croce. The islands not to be missed for any reason are Murano, famous for its artistic glass production and Burano, colourful and enchanting landscape. Finally do not forget the Lido of Venice, which is located between the Venetian lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, where there is also the Palazzo del Cinema.